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Everyone has crushes. Me, you, him, her, they, them - everyone.
What is a crush? Well, to put it simply, a crush is a person that you have intimate feelings for and think that they are very dear or special to you.
I had many crushes before when I was younger and sadly, they did not turn out the way I wanted them to. Basically I got rejected. A couple of times for that matter actually.
No no, no need to feel sorry for me, its okay, I've dealt with the pain already - around four times.

Now that may sound like an exaggeration but its true, I was rejected by four different guys in my life - heck, they may even be one person out there who got rejected more than I did and you should feel sorry and comfort them instead. Although, thinking back these crushes are just, you know, puppy love. I was just a kid.

Now because of the fact that I get rejected a couple of times, I avoid falling for anyone and the reason for that is because I don't want to feel the same pain that happened to me when I was younger. I mean, you become so depressed over one little crush? It's sad but pathetic in a way. Although, to those who did get a chance with their crushes, good on you buddy, you deserve it.

Anyways, where was I? Right, I avoid falling in love because I'm scared to get rejected. I'm scared to get the aching pain that I get inside me. I'm scared that they will say 'I'm sorry,' or 'You're not my type', and this is the moment when your feelings for your crush gets crushed (see what I did there?) Although, I am worried that right now, I'm starting to develop feelings for a certain someone and I won't be mentioning who it is and anyway. But I'm still trying avoid to fall for this person, I'm trying hard!

Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a crush, I mean, its fun right? It's fun in a whimsical, adorable way and it just gives us a bit of nostalgia when we all had crushes on someone when we were younger - whether they are the same gender/age or not - we all had one. Some of us might have one now.

But even though getting rejected is a part of having a crush is the worst thing ever, its still okay. It's okay because you guys could still be friends and when you're friends, you don't need to put much effort in becoming close with them. It's okay because they'll still like you as well - but not in a intimate way. It's okay because someone out there likes you more than your crush does, that someone could be your neighbour, your best friend, your co-worker, a stranger, one of your friends, your classmate, your colleage etc.

And its okay if you're still interested in your crush even when they turned you down, because you can just like them from a far, and that's okay.
Just something that pop into my head for a moment. 
A Change in Heart Ch9 pg 2 by suichio
A Change in Heart Ch9 pg 2
previous: A Change in Heart Ch9 pg 1
next: Ch9 Pg 3

Sorry for the long wait everyone! So many things were on my plate and I wasn't able to get some pages sorted out. Really sorry if I put ACIH on a long hiatus! I still have a couple of more pages to go through, but hopefully I can get it done by the end of this month!

Friend is a noun for a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection...

Friends is plural for Friend, meaning more than one.

We all have friends or have a friend. Hey, some of us may be majorly popular or outgoing and have a lot of friends but are those people behind you are actually your so called 'friends'?
How can you really tell if that individual is actually your friend?
Well this could be tested in many ways, and you could do so by seeing if they are:

A) Reliable: Having a reliable friend is one of the most best things to have in a friend, they would do double check everything for you for example, double checking if you brought some of your important stuff with you before you leave the room and they would do this till it annoys you. Why do they do this? Because they don't want to see you get upset when you lose something really important and wants to make sure that you are well prepared (I am considered as reliable by my best friends)

B) Trustworthy: This is obviously important, you cannot befriend someone who isn't trustworthy and this trustworthy relationship can be about anything. It can be about them keeping your deepest secrets and that they don't spread it, or that they can get you out of trouble or anything that makes you feel trust them. Sometimes its hard to find someone that is trustworthy because nowadays, people would gossip or talk back behind someone's back for attention or just to feel good about themselves. (I know may be wrong but hey, if you want to correct me, please do so on the comments)

C) Honesty: If you're not that honest to your friend - even just a tiny bit then that's not what being friends is all about. It's best to be honest rather than having someone trying to be nosy and persuading you to tell the truth.

D) Loyalty: Being loyal is really important, it signifies your trust and relationship with that individual and shows that you are reliable and would do anything to stay by your friend's or family member's side. (And yes, I would consider myself as being loyal)

Now if you're friends with a small amount of people, then I guess that's okay because you don't have to undergo so much drama and bullshit between your friends or fake friends. People would see me as someone outgoing because I know so many people and they know me and are also friends with me, however, despite how many friends I have I will always stick with my two best friends.

One best friend of mine is a quiet one, let's call her N (just to be on the safe side) and N is really quiet and shy and isn't quite comfortable with someone she isn't familiar with or the opposite gender (no she's not a lesbian, she's just shy.), however, when she is close with someone she becomes relaxed, talkative, active and I guess dirty minded person ever. And she would just laugh or snicker in secret as everyone think of her as someone 'innocent' when she's not. N who is seen as someone pessimistic or expressionless can be very caring at times and would give good advice. Whenever I'm in feelings of doubt and anxiety, she would be there to talk some sense and reality to me and that would calm me down a bit in some way. But even though the way she would say something may sound harsh, she doesn't really mean it because despite all of this, N means well and she knows that she get's misunderstood often.

Another best friend of mine is T. She is the oldest one from our little group, however she is also the smallest one in terms of height, but N and I still respect her and look up to her (or look down on her badum tush! ). As a best friend, we would mock her and laugh at her for any little slip up she does because it just strangely amuses us and it makes us think that its almost natural to laugh at your best friend for whatever fuck ups they did in public. One thing that annoys me a little bit is her carefree-ness, I mean hey, its good to be carefree once in a while but not all the time - especially when its in desperate situations . Nonetheless, she is someone that I look up very much to, respect as well and admire her artwork - not just the fact that she's older than me, but as a friend. Because in all due to respect, she is the most wisest out of our little group and she knows more than me and N does, so I guess its quite normal for me to become a huge cry baby and run to her for help. I guess you could say she's my senpai in a way, but yeah, huge respect towards T.

And because of those two idiots who are called my best friends, I am forever grateful and glad to met such beautiful, weird dumbasses who are also just like me in a weird, dumbassery way. I am also glad that they both have different qualities in terms of personalities and characteristics which makes them unique and genuine, in a sense where I can go to either one of them for advice (mainly N because she would reply to my text messages easily compared to T) and I just don't know what I would do without them.
Just a thought really. 
I really am grateful with the two best friends I have since we were kids to now. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm young.
I'm Indo.
I'm from Qatar.
And I love the works of Art <3

Art - Taking imagination to a whole new level of creativity.

Current Residence: Qatar
Favourite genre of music: meh, anything.
Favourite photographer: can't be specific.
Favourite style of art: any?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: too. freaking. much. to type.
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Its been a while since I've submitted anything but i'm in a complete slump dump lately, ever since I came back from Indonesia over the summer I haven't gotten inspired much lately. I've only got a few sketches drawn out but I don't know if they're good enough to be submitted here :/

I just need some sort of inspiration and motivation to be honest...

I don't know if the next chapter of ACIH will be done since :icontaiga16: is working on the next chapter.

Hopefully I can get something done soon. 

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